What Is Fiber Optic Testing?

The right functioning of your fiber optic components and cable plants depends on their accurate testing. Professionals designing them need to understand their performance specifications and how they work together. What exactly is fiber optic testing?

After fiber cables are installed and spliced, they have to be tested. What does it mean? A specialist will check the continuity and polarity of each and every fiber optic cable plant and troubleshoot any issues. Let’s get started!

The tools you will need include the following: optical inspection microscope, source and power meter, fiber tracer, cleaning materials, etc. Before you begin, you should know how to work with them, as well how to perform such testing accurately. Do you know the cabling network you are testing? You should have a layout of every for the performance of every fiber cable and what results to expect. Plus, you have to record all your test data.

Some specialists may carry out a visual inspection. This is a method using a visible laser also allowing to find different failures. The laser has a red light powerful enough to trace fiber optics for several kilometers, identify splices, or detect breaks in high loss connectors.

A correct inspection can also be done with a microscope. These devices are used to check connectors and find faults, including scratches, dirt, and other defects. To get the best picture, you have to inspect the connector from a few angles by tilting the connector or having angle illumination.

How do experts measure the power or power loss? Practically, optical power measurements can be executed by a power meter. However, before they do that, they should know what power values to expect and what power loss means. Testing power loss means checking the optical power lost in a cable with a power meter.

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